As an award-winning educator with more than forty years of experience as a teacher and school administrator, Richard Patterson, PhD, has a passion for helping kids and their families uncover abilities that lead to positive, fulfilling lives. Dr. Patterson regularly leads self-help workshops helping teens and pre-teens discover their desire to succeed. He is a college faculty member where he works with teachers and school administrators, teaching them how to work with kids and parents, and is a Past National President of the American School Band Directors Association (ASBDA). He resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife, Bev, where they enjoy hiking, fishing, and snowmobiling.

Rich coached me professionally to achieve my goals.  He was able to customize his approach to fit my personality.  I would rate my satisfaction as a 10 out of 10 in the areas of helping me to set stretching, yet achievable goals as well as increasing my self-awareness.  He also helped me to reach my immediate goals and empowered me to look toward future goals.

Specifically, Rich helped me to explore areas that will make me a more effective connector and to grow our business.  He helped me to do some personal exploration that led to growth for me.

Aaron, Colorado Springs, CO

About The Book: Making Sense of Life: A Guidebook for Teens and Parents

Ever wondered why some of your friends move through life so easily, while you seem to struggle?

Why it seems that there are endless situations to learn about, to move on in life? Why is communication so difficult with your parents?  Does it seem that all the advice that you receive doesn’t fit or apply, to you, or to your situation?

Perhaps much of the advice doesn’t fit—because you need help asking the right questions!

A personal code “helps us to make accurate judgments regarding the bombardment of influences, that continue throughout our life,” says educator Richard J. Patterson, Ph.D. “These influences help us to get started in life toward making our own judgments about how to live and feel about life events.  They can also provide good examples, as to how to behave in various situations, or how not to behave.”   To gain momentum, as an adolescent, and as a parent, you must learn to work with each other.

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