Face What’s Next

One of the best ways to heal yourself is to let go of the past.  We can’t relive the past, so let’s face what’s next.  Let’s say you said something that you regret.  You would like to go back in time and erase it, but you cannot.  So you go to the person and own it, and then face what is next with them.  They may readily forgive you, or they may stay mad.  That is their choice!  They may say I need some time because that hurt, so you give them time.  It is a part of the restoration mentality that I wrote about previous to this post.  We believe that the relationship, the wrong, the mistake, or whatever, will be restored for us.  It is a step of faith in God.  If you’re not a person of faith, you can skip this part, but I hope you will read on.

If we adopt the understanding that we are here to experience this life and that, that includes us making mistakes as well as others.  That life will have some difficult times; then, we begin to accept things and start to restore our life by faith.  We believe that God will push us to a new understanding, that we would not have come by had we not gone through this situation.  Share the hopes that you have of tomorrow with the person and move towards joy, towards laughing again.  Offer little explanation or none.  Just chalk it up to life experience.  I believe that by living through our difficulties here on this earth, we somehow help to expand the universe.  Our being here and doing good things, not so good things, and just living life adds to the expansion of the world.  Humans have been discovered now on earth from 30,000 years ago.  Think about that!  Thirty thousand years ago, people were here struggling with life, probably a lot more than we are today.

Believe that there is a bigger picture and be willing to accept what comes your way, but adopt the attitude that you will face what is next.  Successfully you will meet what is happening and that God will restore what you have lost.  I challenge our readers to push themselves to move beyond the regrets and shortcomings of self and others quickly by adopting a restoration mentality and saying, “What is next?”

Yours for a Better Life,