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Making Sense of Life: A Guidebook for Teens and Parents

The book uses real-life situations and personal stories to help guide teens toward asking the right questions and making the best decisions for every circumstance.

About Dr. Rich Patterson

Rich Patterson is a speaker to large and small groups of youth. He helps them find hope by asking the right questions. While working with Rich, youth gain understanding and the desire to succeed is restored (or sometimes discovered for the very first time). He is a commended author whose book, Making Sense of Life: A Guide for Teens and Parents, shares the results of more than 40 successful years of working with youth. These thoughts are tried and true in that they have proven results with the youth of today.

Rich has worked with thousands of kids and has a sterling reputation for success. He has a powerful presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. He has a weekly coaching blog for teens and parents and his passion for working with kids, parents and families have glowing results.


Rich’s book, Making Sense of Life: A Guidebook for Teens and Parents, shares ideas from his 40 years working as a teacher and school administrator. The issues addressed are powerful, timely, and effective for both teens and parents and have proven results with thousands of student and families.


Rich is skilled in working with teens, parents, and families. His approach is one that brings forth honesty while retaining a hope for building relationships and a focus for the future.


Invite Rich to speak at your next event or youth group for an engaging and interactive session that will give everyone something to contemplate, discuss and take to the next level.


As an educator, Dr. Rich has done extensive work in various formats, including classroom workshops, national conventions, seminars, and clinics throughout the United States.

Insights About the Three Keys of Youth

The Three Keys of Youth will help you to understand the three areas that youth need in support of their life development path. This document helps to develop a global perspective of youth while giving the day-to-day details that are needed to raise healthy youth in today’s world.