By working with kids and family members, Rich helps them to find hope by asking the right questions. While working with him, clients gain understanding and the desire to succeed is restored (or sometimes discovered for the very first time).  Often, by working together, we uncover abilities that lead to success.

Testimonials From Events

Testimonials From Adults

I wish to express my thanks for speaking to my Advisory Class about   They all remembered the bamboo, the extreme snowmobiling, and, my personal favorite, the determination to become a drummer.

Your talk led to other discussions about Determination in class. My student know they will need it in the future!  Respectfully – Deanna

You reached the students with a powerful message about the 5 Mental Models. They really enjoyed the stories that helped to illustrate your points.  This led to further discussions in class.  Thanks so much.

One of your best talks yet, Finding Your Sparks. Students need to know their interests and you were able to help them to tie those interests in to math, English, science and social studies.  This is so valuable not only for the students but the personal work that they did for teachers regarding this time together.  Thanks so much.

When you spoke to our group of At-Risk kids, you really delivered a powerful message to them about Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. They really need help making connections with others in effective ways and you were able to help them begin to develop those skills.  Thanks again.

Testimonials From Students

The story that helped me with determination is when Mr. Rich was trying to get into collage [sic] but didn’t have enough.  I would use this lesson by reminding my self to never give up and have determination.

Be strong like a warrior. I will need this advice to help me get in to Harvard [sic]

Be strong like a warier [sic] I will tell my kids to be strong like a warier if they where scared at any time.

It was truthful and pushed me to Drive for accuracy. I would get a scholarship to go to CC.  [I liked] the Iowa story.

I herd there are going to be people in your life that are going to say no you can’t do it.

When you saying about all the things about college, in college.

Dreams only sucseed [sic] for those who keep dreaming. My dream is to be an engineer at NASA

Don’t give up on you dreams. [I want to] be a hair person

Most p[eople would say they liked it all but the part of your presentaytion [sic] that spoke to me the most is were [sic] you said don’t let people kill your dream. Push them to the side until they have a better attitude [sic].  I think I will use your edvise [sic]  in soccer when I am on the field.  Also how you said don’t depend on other people.

I thank you for coming to Sabin Middle School to talk about Determination and the best I enjoyed was when you were snowboarding in 20 inches or feet of snow and having fun with friends.

Thank you for telling me that I shouldn’t give up and keep trying.

Abut the sking, that they were mostly determined, that they were able to accomplish this.

Thank you for coming to our school, Sabin Middle School, and showing us what determination is.

Thank-you, you have maje [sic] me determined. I’ve been getting better at riding my bike and making money.  I now have Plans for the future.  Thank you – Bryce

Thank-you for coming to our class. I really enjoyed it.  I really plan on following my desire to be a great trombonist, and even any more extra stuff like rock climbing, and you helped me achieve more confidence in m y ability to do that.

Thank you, Mr. Rich Patterson! Thank you for taking time out of your day to come speak to us.  I liked learning about how determined you were for becoming a better drummer.  It surprised me that you got into that college even when you could not afford it.  Thank you again.

Thame [sic] you because I have really learned to not give up on your dreams. To follow in what you believe in because everything is up hill and I also like to play an instrument/tenor sax and I would like tp play the drums and next year I am determined to play trombone.

Mom & dad, thank you for showing me How to Respect and my manners, I also really appreciate all of the storyies that had happened to you it really taught me a lot of stuff. I guess you do learn from your mistakes.  Thanks

I am glad for your presentation and thankful for the time you took to reach us about determination. I really like the metaphor that you use with the bamboo.  It was fun for me to learn from your presentation.  Thanks again.