Rich helps kids and family members find hope by asking the right questions. While working with him, clients gain the freedom to reach their destiny. The process includes specific approaches to asking questions, sharing information, and setting up communication that helps to anticipate the various situations that youth find themselves in while growing up. This process greatly assists families in handling the challenges of growing up and doing so efficiently.

Rich coached me professionally to achieve my goals.  He was able to customize his approach to fit my personality.  I would rate my satisfaction as a 10 out of 10 in the areas of helping me to set stretching, yet achievable goals as well as increasing my self-awareness.  He also helped me to reach my immediate goals and empowered me to look toward future goals.

Specifically, Rich helped me to explore areas that will make me a more effective connector and to grow our business.  He helped me to do some personal exploration that led to growth for me.

Aaron, Colorado Springs, CO

Rich Patterson and John Maxwell