Be Relentless

Take the opportunity now to be relentless in letting go of the past and in pursuing the greatness that awaits you. When we want something to the level that is consuming our passion, then rise up and relentlessly pursue the victory that awaits you.  You must become a warrior much like the mindset we see in the reality shows.  The participants have trained, pushed themselves, assembled the teams that believe in them, and now they are determined to deliver on their performance.

If our goal is health, happiness, and peace in our lives, then we must be consumed with that goal and hold those images in our mind.  All that we do during the day is in alignment with those three words that we hold for ourselves.  When we look back and see our mistakes, then we lose that relentlessness, and we lose our way.  When we allow others to talk us out of our goals, to tempt us with a dessert to distract ourselves from the health that we pursue, we lose our way.  The goal must be more important than anyone who could throw anything in your way.  It is time to never look back and to press forward with all the determination that we can muster.

As you set your mind on your dreams, be relentless and focus on drawing to you the skills, the connections, and the opportunities that you need.  See them as already in place, regardless of what the circumstances dictate.  Choose abundance, determination, and breathe in the breadth of opportunity that you will have.  I wish you the very best as you pursue your victory for your life.  Promise yourself today to forget your past and push forward.  To change those friendships that involve those that don’t believe in you. Rise today and find your relentless spirit.

Yours for a Better Life,