From hither and yon we make up things to keep us busy

They seem so important as they keep coming up in my mind

But my mind is unfocused, just looking for any trivial lose end it can find

At times festering on it to the point of perfection

I yearn for a deep blue lake with mountains surrounding it

And pink and purple flowers around one end of it

With the mountains emerging in the distance from the mist

I would dip a paddle into the water quietly

Pulling the water in a quiet splash like fashion alongside the canoe

After a while I would stop and just float without any effort

Looking, breathing, pausing, and soaking in the sunlight and views

Listening to the birds, perhaps loons singing their haunting song

This is what is important, not the little things we organize for busyness

Think about the creation, the sunlight, feel the energy of the earth move your soul

Breathe in the Holy Spirit into your mind, and your very being

Feel the peace, the true peace that only God can bring

A higher calling that your soul can access, but will you?


Rich Patterson

2020 07.27