Roots or Heights?

As we look at a beautiful tree, we are amazed at their height.  It is the height that causes us to stop and marvel at nature’s wonder.  We don’t give any thought to the roots that needed to support that tree.  The roots are established for and long before any height rises; otherwise, the tree doesn’t last.  Take the bamboo, which is actually in the grass family.  A bamboo can establish roots up to eight feet before it even begins to poke above the ground.  Imagine growing a bamboo plant and water it for months and even years before anything happened?  Would you be patient enough to wait if you weren’t aware of the plant’s characteristics?  Would you give up and throw it out, thinking that it was dead?  Once the bamboo gets established, say in a one-gallon container and starts to poke above the ground, it can have as many as 40 stalks going at once.  Once a bamboo begins growing, it can grow up to five feet a year.  Certain species of bamboo can grow 36 in within 24 hours, at a rate of almost 1.6 in an hour (a growth around every 90 seconds, or 1 inch every 40 minutes).  All of this is going on underground, and we aren’t aware of it; we are more impressed with the height, but we have no idea of the pre-work that the plant did before being able to support that kind of height.

What can we learn from this?  It is the roots that cause us to be successful, that time that we take establishing character, integrity, and morals that later give us the guiding compass that we need.  Have you ever watched a large building being constructed?  From the time that the equipment first shows up to the time when walls begin being erected is usually longer than what it seems to build the entire rest of the building.  Why is that?  The foundation, the footings for the building are the whole key to the building’s success.  Without some excellent engineering taking place in the ground, the building will not last.  So it is with us, it is time we spend going over the fundamentals of successful people, establishing our faith, making an effort to understand our roots deeply.  That is why some people get into difficult situations and act poorly, and others rise to the occasion and pull right through.  You could say that your strength to weight ratio is much higher when you establish the fundamentals of good living.  These can include getting enough sleep each night, eating good healthy food, creating your belief system–a faith-based belief, and managing stress.  We always have, pressure and it seems if we don’t have trouble, we manage to find it.  Learn how to work with the fear that you do have in your life.  Find systems that help you each day to feed your roots.  The consequence of the building’s success is as a result of the foundation, or roots that were developed.

I encourage everyone the next time that you see a beautiful tree, standing tall and proud, take a moment to look for its roots.  Maybe you see them; perhaps you don’t. As we see, other people rise in life, and show their success (height), take a moment to examine their roots.  What is behind them?  In many cases, you will find that their root system doesn’t support their place, and soon, they land in a situation where they are exposed.  We see it nearly every day on the news.  Take time to put your roots down in terms of character, integrity, and morals; you will be glad you did once the wind starts blowing.

Yours for a Better Life,