Dr. Rich Patterson

Spruce Bog

A Spruce Bog in a forest are open areas of the forest where the trees are a big scraggly, the bushes and trees are often stunted and they can be extremely large with open grass areas.  They are the result of irregular water drainage and highly acidic water.  Ironically there are plants that are ideally adapted to these conditions.  Some birds, such as the grouse, certain types of sparrows and the Dark-eyed Junco thrive in these areas.  Eventually these areas increase in size and attract other plants, animals and birds.

What I want you to bring to our kids today is that no matter what happens in life, something out there thrives in such an environment.  Your ability to meet the challenges of life, and they can be tough for sure, lies in seeing the opportunities that exist within the chaos, the disorder, the less-than-ideal situations.  Remember the Dark-eyed Junco, they love these areas that are stunted, open, not particularly beautiful and that actually have very poor soil.  What has happened in your life in the past month that you can go back to and see how it moved you to where you are today?  That pushed you to a new understanding or a new tolerance toward others?  We are trained to see the beautiful because it is readily right there in front of us, but what about when things are not quite as you would want them to be?

Teach kids to stop and take a closer look at the incomplete, the errors, the mistakes that seem like disaster and help them to make lemonade our of lemons so to speak. In the bog above plant growth is limited because of the soil conditions and lack of regular water, but the plants do grow and the area is often developed into a more healthy environment as a result of the plants that can make sense out of it.

What can you make sense out of in your life that leads to attracting something better.  It is far more noble to build an attitude, to persevere a difficult circumstance, to live in control regardless of our situations and one day you will find yourself in this big beautiful forest that brings you great joy.  It involves determination, and taking the opportunity to calm down enough to see what there is that will be different for you, but still OK, as a result of the challenge or change.

Leave me a comment below about a situation where you have done this in your own life.