1st Quarter Grades – Part 2

1st Quarter Grades—Part Two

This week we have been discussing the tracking of kids’ grades since the end of the first quarter of school is already upon us.  In Part One, we discussed ensuring that you regularly check their grades and attendance.  Attendance is a key to good grades because if the child isn’t there, they can’t afford to stay on top of assignments.  We also talked about keeping track of the dates for mid-term and quarterly report cards.

In Part Two, I would like to discuss tracking students’ assignments, due dates, and how they performed.  In many schools today, homework is a thing of the past.  Some teachers assign homework, and others do not.  We can discuss why this change has come about in another blog but suffice it to say you want to know your child’s teacher’s policy on homework.    You can ask at Open House at the beginning of the school year, or a quick email or phone call asking, “Should I expect homework from you?” or “How will I know if there is homework?”

Many teachers are using a portal for student performance that will tell you how they are doing and assign homework based on their current version.

A child’s education is greatly enhanced by parental involvement in the classroom and at home.  Do your homework before parent-teacher conferences, open house, and throughout the school year.  Become familiar with the routines and rules at home, as well as the classroom expectations.

For example, if they did poorly on a particular portion of a math exam, problems in that area, along with an online tutorial, in many cases will be made available.  As a parent, that is valuable information, and the follow-up at home is crucial.  In Part Three of this series, we will discuss Parents Rights and Responsibilities.

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