Attitude of Gratitude

Every now and then I catch myself saying words that just do not help anything of anybody.  They just add to difficulties in life. Complaining or finding the good are choices, but they are not our default.  It seems that the negative side of things will always be there, but over time if we give it attention, it divides us from our goals.  We begin to feel defeated, less energetic and less focused.  By consciously working on the right attitude while we’re experiencing difficulties or negativity, we create a higher level of consciousness for ourselves.

Let me explain.  Negativity, complaining, and general trash talk exists at the low level of energy that exists all around us.  This has been proven many times over by scientists.  But when we choose thoughts that more closely represent what we want to have happened, what we wish for someone, what aligns more closely to our goals, then we are reaching up to much higher levels of energy.  Energy is a lot like the saying, You are the company that you keep.  Remember your parents saying to you, don’t hang around him or her, they are bad news?  That goes for our thoughts as well.  When we adopt an attitude of being grateful, happy, and more in alignment with what we want to see in the world, guess what, you will see it.

Have your even purchases a new or different car and you’re driving it around town and suddenly you see five other cars just like yours.  Where were they yesterday?  How did they all show up at once?  Your awareness just increased and now you notice them.  They were there all along.  Start to move your thoughts toward gratitude for others and their struggles and those same grateful thoughts will show up in your life as well.  The ultimate test of this is when we are experiencing some adversity ourselves, and yet maintain a positive attitude regardless.

I have a friend who as a young woman has had some very major health problems.  None of them is her fault, nor come from some mistake that she made.  Yet if you met her, you would absolutely never know.  She has a million dollar smile, greets you warmly, shakes your hand and takes an interest in you. When we decide to simply not allow the negative side of life to come into our space, everything changes.  Suddenly we have more energy, opportunities that we have been seeking start opening up, we begin to attract the type of people that we want to become.  Make a declaration today to have an Attitude of Gratitude and say “NO” to those thoughts that pollute.  Anne Lamott says, “No is a complete sentence.”  Start saying yes to the thoughts that represent that which you want people to say about you after you are gone.  You will notice a big difference.

Yours for a Better Life,