Photo by Madhu Shesharam on Unsplash

Be Patient and Wait

The universe, higher power, or God places dreams in our heart and encourage us to follow them.  This doesn’t happen by accident, but it does require that we be very patient and wait.  Madu Shesharam to took this photo had to wait for quite a while to get just the right light before taking it. Believe that you will be guided by your higher power to achieve your dream.  Keep it in front of you, hold the image, a topic that I wrote about last week.  Keep adding detail and believing that it will happen, but be patient, listen and wait for the signs.  We don’t have to push it to make it happen, in fact, I have found that when I do feel like pushing things to make them happen, I am likely focusing on the wrong thing.  That I need to refocus myself perhaps in a completely different direction.

The act of being patient and waiting requires a level of trust and faith that things will come to pass in time.  The waiting part shows trust on our part in our higher power to bring about that which we desire.  Continue to find the opportunity to move in the direction of your dream.  They may be small things at first that seem inconsequential but do them anyway.  When I was working on my dissertation for my Ph.D. from The University of Denver I had a sign that I posted everywhere and it simply said, “Everyday Advance.”  Now that may seem compulsive and impatient, but actually, it reminded me that some days may be all that I accomplished was something simple like reading an article or filing a quote that I found.  Look for those small opportunities to advance and you will find them everywhere.

Your dream will come to pass with the patience that Madu had while sitting to snap just the right moment for this photo.  This kind of focus combined with patience shows total faithfulness and trust that the good of the world is coming to you in order to make your dream come true.  Hold this peace in yourself and guard it well as you continue to move forward ever so slowly sometimes toward your goal.

Yours for a Better Life,