Being Good to Yourself

We can be our most critical voice or ourselves, more so than others.  Today I want to encourage you to be good to yourself.  When allowing that inner voice to take dominance over our more centered self, the result is a loss of confidence, that certain spark that you have is kindled.  Instead, I want to for us to reflect on what we are grateful for on a regular basis.  It can be something simple like a comment from a friend or colleague that really shows their spirit.  It may not even be something that you agree with, but they are showing their passion and their own inner workings.  Be grateful. Recognize the time you have when you’re waiting for someone, rather than being impatient.  How can you enjoy the moment, or take some time for yourself while you’re waiting?

By taking time to be grateful we allow ourselves to grow inside through patience, through being present fully at the moment, by simply enjoying those that are around us.  So often when I pause to reflect on a presence such as this, I realize that there are things that I’m observing in others that serve as a mirror for myself.  In terms of my own behavior and to help to determine if I am supporting or undermining my personal growth.  This year, 2019, I want to be fully present, to enjoy the time as it is given, even as now that I sit here healing, in pain, and trying to raise myself up once again.  I realize the gift that I have been given to enjoy being with my family in new ways, enjoyable conversations, and time to reflect and think about how to look to the future with anticipation.

If we look to the future with apprehension, we close off our thinking and the relationships of others.  We start to compare ourselves to others and think, that should be me, or I should have had that contract, or I could have done that.  No, instead, think towards the moment given.  How does it look?  Peaceful?  Who is around you and what colors do they add to your life with their personality. I really believe that in the end what counts is did we do our best?  Did we help others and add value to others?  Next week we will look at gratitude in more detail.

Yours for a better you,