Build These Into Kids

A warm hello to all our parents out there.  Today I want to suggest three things to build into your kids to enhance their success.  They are Educational Aspiration, School Performance, & Achievement Motivation.  Let’s start with Achievement Motivation.  What we’re after with Achievement Motivation is to create the desire to learn and to do their best every day.  Some kids feel as if school is a waste of their time.  If you sense this with your young person, encourage them to set some goals for themselves, either short-term, like on time to class everyday or long term as in career goals.  Encourage them to ask questions in class, to participate.  I want to encourage parents to sit with their kids and talk about how school applies to their life, their success, their overall well-being.

The second Build is Education Aspiration, and it aligns with the first one of Achievement Motivation.  I am a big believer in goals set for the future.  I like to ask kids, “What career do you see yourself in as an adult?”  Help them to think about other people that are around your family and how they make a living: your hairdresser, grocery store, bank, technology, and other professionals.  Sit with your kids and have a conversation about what they could do for themselves.  Once they have picked a professional or general area, discuss the education that will be necessary.  Would practice in the profession require trade school, community college, or college certification?  Is there a license involved, which would then require testing of some sort.  This helps kids to realize that a class that they may not be crazy about will come into play when they are required to pass a licensing exam to practice their profession.

The third Build is School Performance. When we encourage kids to earn grades that are above average or better, then we help them to earn a ticket to college, scholarships, financial aid, increased test scores, such as the ACT, SAT, and other meaningful connections that lead to success.  When parents neglect these conversations, they are setting their kids up for mediocrity, for living at home still at 25 without any goals.  Hire a tutor if your child is struggling in an area.  Could the child go and see the teacher before or after school?  What extra help is available after school at the school site?  Help kids to understand that skipping an assignment, or not turning in a little worksheet can affect their grades.

I encourage parents to spend time with their kids talking about Educational Aspiration, School Performance & Achievement Motivation.  These are not one time conversations, but conversations that happen repeatedly.  Your kids will thank you for your tireless efforts when they are adults in successful careers and a bit of financial freedom.

Yours for Better Parenting,