Parenting on Purpose:  Charter Schools, Part 3

In our seven-part series, we have been taking a closer look at charter schools.  We discussed How They Work, in Part 1, and Who Runs Them?  in Part 2.  In this part, we will look at, Are Charter Schools Non-profit?

The answer is, it depends.  Most charter schools are non-profit, however, some states allow for nonprofit charter management organizations, or CMOs to run the school.  Some states also allow for-profit companies called education management organizations or EMOs to run charter schools.  It is very confusing because the school itself may be non-profit but the company that runs it may be for-profit.  Many times the for-profit company provides services for the school for which they are not charged directly.  Services can include human resources services, like the hiring of teachers and staff, facility maintenance, curriculum services and other such areas.

Some larger charter school networks include KIPP, Success Academy, state online schools.  They can be started by parents, organizations, companies, universities, and corporations.  They may focus on specific skills like math and science, or self-esteem, or a particular set of values.  I always like to encourage parents to be very familiar with the governance structure and the philosophy behind a charter school before they make a decision, otherwise, they can end up with something being taught to their kids that they may not agree with.  In 2016 there were over 7,000 charter schools in the United States.  Their popularity has grown tremendously.

in Part 4, we will look at How Charter Schools are funded.  I hope that you will find this series helpful in making a decision for your kids.

Yours for better parenting,