Check On Your Kids

When your child is going out with friends, do you check on where they are going, who they will be with and for how long?  If their plans change in the course of the time, have you discussed how you wish to be notified?  These are important assets that help build kids’ self-esteem and resilience in life.  Believe it or not, kids like to have adults that care for them and that check on their well being.  They will be grateful for a plan on how they can get out of a bad situation without parents losing their cool.

If your child is going out with others, it is best to have met them at some time.  Let your kids know that you expect to meet their friends and if they are planning something with a friend that you haven’t met, that they need to invite them to the house so that you can talk with them and determine if they are a good influence.  It is extra work, and it does seem like your intervening in their lives, but it ensures, at least as much as you can, that you have done your job as a parent in monitoring your kids.  It is simple if we know someone is checking on us, then we will behave accordingly, but if there isn’t anyone, t hen we can easily slip to the lowest level without trying.  Take time to check on who, where, when, and how long with your kids.  Make sure that if plans change, you wish to be notified in advance, not after the fact.  With cell phones and texting, this is more easy than ever.  There are even apps that help parents to communicate with their kids in this area.

Yours for Better Parenting,