Choose Joy

Well, it doesn’t always seem like it, but we have a choice in how we choose to feel.  We can choose joy or sorrow, we can choose victory or a setback that seems like defeat.  Henry Ford has been quoted often with versions of the statement, “Whatever you think, you’re right.”  What does that mean to you?  How can we apply it in our lives to remind us that we always, always have a choice?  Let’s discuss this briefly.

I say Henry Ford’s statement often to myself.  This is a many with a third-grade education who changed the world as we know it.  We became one of the richest men of his time along with the Rockefellers, Carnegie’s and many others.  If you were able to sit with these men, among many traits that we could discuss, you would notice that they choose joy.  Even when faced with difficulties in business, they were joyful to be around.  True, they may be taskmasters, but we can say to ourselves, I may have just been insulted or experiences a setback, but this will not steal my joy.  I will remain joyful and happy in my life.  Some philosophers now believe that many of our circumstances choose us in order to be a part of our spiritual development.  Maybe we cannot prove this, but think with me for a minute, what if it were true?  How would you look at some of your difficult moments?  What would you do differently?

So often, we are our greatest critic.  I know that I am, and can easily slip into thinking that I am somehow ‘less than’ because of my faults.  Cat Cora says, “Take chances.  Mistakes are never a failure–they can be turned into wisdom.”  If we can turn our shortfall into wisdom, then there is no reason to be unhappy, instead, choose joy, choose to be joyful.  Wisdom is the stuff that life is made of, so maybe, just maybe we have been looking at our faults wrong all along. With just a little more time, we can turn them into teachable moments.  When we are full of joy we are strong and full of energy.  We are fun to be around and people naturally are attracted to us.   We all have a pocket full of concerns, put them aside and choose to be joyful.  It is that simple.

Decide today that regardless of your circumstances that you will choose joy, to have a good outlook on things.  When things go awry, as they will, train yourself to pause and take a closer look at what can be gleaned from it.  What can you learn, change, or do differently next time?  Maybe you can write a blog about it and help others, who knows, the possibilities are endless. If you make this a solid part of your daily practice and teach it to your kids, you will notice energy that exceeds your own, that lifts you beyond others.  People will notice it too and ask you what it is that you are doing that makes you rise above the daily circumstances of life.   Try it and you will notice a difference.

Yours for a better life,