Clear Those Hurts

We have been discussing how putting out the image that you want for yourself can cause the universe to deliver to you those very things that you want.  But did you know that when we hold on to those hurts, the wrongs that we have experienced, we block this positive flow of energy?  It is like putting up a door in front of the natural flow that we wish to draw to ourselves.  Spend some time identifying some of those past hurts and visualize what they had to teach you.

If God doesn’t waste anything, which is my belief,  then even those difficult experiences where we caused a problem or were the victim of an issue.  You cannot live life without making mistakes; it is why we’re here, to learn how to balance energy in the flow and peace that we all desire.  It is difficult and certainly has no arrival point.

I notice that these hurts and wrongs seem to pop up out of nowhere while I’m doing something unrelated that happens; take the opportunity to sit a minute and think about what happened without judgment.  Just observe your behavior and others’ behavior and feel the negativity and hurt being released.  It is as if you’re watching a parade, and this event parades in front of you.  Suspend yourself in such a way that you observe unattached.

Then ask what this event has to teach you.  Take some time to understand those concepts.  They may come to you immediately, and they may not come to you until much later, again, while you’re doing something unrelated.  When they come into your thoughts, give them attention, write them down for further learning.  Without the teaching and openness to understand them, they will keep coming back and may very well repeat themselves.

If you choose to stay focused on them and continue to stir the anger and hurt they caused, you continue to build that door into a wall that will block the flow of universal energy that can benefit you.  Adopt the attitude today that everything that comes into your life is for your good.  A great attitude includes the challenging and negative hurdles in our life.  Just accept that as a universal truth.  Once you do, you will begin to release the grip that it holds on you.

You will start to start the healing process.  The opening up of your understanding is like an acknowledgment that somehow, there is something here to help us develop as spiritual beings in ways we may not understand.  The very acceptance of this will move you to higher levels of consciousness.

You will become much more substantial and feel more accessible and with the peace of God if you find ways to make this process work for you instead of against you.  I hope you will with this challenge that we all face in life.  It is an essential understanding of life that opens up our path.  Clear Those Hurts now and begin this process.

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