Consider Your Soul

It has been said that we make over 2,500 choices every day.  All of those choices lead to the life that we end up living.  All of them affect the outcome of tomorrow.  The choices we make today create our tomorrows, but what is beyond that?  What about our soul?  I think we can guide ourselves to make only choices that benefit our soul and to avoid those that will harm it.  It may require that when you’re really in the heat of the moment, be it anger, a sexual urge or otherwise, that you stop for a second and remind yourself that this will not benefit my soul, so let’s skip it.  When we make this choice, we choose to live at a higher level of consciousness.

This is the most important decision you can make.  Here is an example, you’re getting ready to make a comment in a group setting such as a meeting or just with a group of friends.  You stop for a moment and consider whether this will benefit those around you or not, and choose to not make the comment.  Later, you realize what a good decision that was because it would have not only hurt others but make yourself look less than.  It is that small voice within you that speaks to you and urges you to hold back for a moment.  We certainly remember the times when we did not exercise this and reflect upon those moments with regret and guilt.

That regret and guilt hold you back from your full potential, it clouds your thoughts and like a filter, doesn’t allow the good to come through clearly to you.  When you choose to obey that inner prompting then you are following your spirit and benefiting your soul.  Stay true to your conscience and ask for strength through the breath, faith, or however you get grounded.  If you will take time to do this, you will notice that something different comes alive within you.  You begin to have an edge over others and opportunities begin to flow to you.  There are great plans for your life.  You can have access to them by clearing your path to your consciousness.

I encourage you today to take time to think about all the choices you make and ensure that they align with your highest good, your optimal self.  When you do that, I know that you will have access to a part of your life that has been missing.  It is like blowing the clouds away to a bright sunshine day.  Clear your path and allow the higher understandings of life to come to you.

Yours for a Better Life,