Defending Yourself

Does life sometimes feel like this lighthouse?  Waves are crashing into you, trying to pull you down and causing you to struggle with life.  When this happens, we often feel like we need to defend ourselves against others, but in reality, we do not need to protect ourselves.  All of those difficulties from the past need no defense.  All the doubts and doubters from the past can stay where they are, stuck in the past.  When we use our energy to defend ourselves, it makes the other person look right.  As you get defensive, it says to them that there is something here, and I am right.  Instead, leave those battles to higher ground.

Take a deep breath and file it in your “I don’t understand” file in your brain—higher powers, whatever your belief, will take care of those concerns in time.  For me, that higher power is faith-based.  Perhaps for others, it is a stillness, prayer, meditation, the breath itself, or just a quietness that they drift towards for strength.

Wherever your strength comes from, believe that it will settle things for you and just let them go out of your mind.  When we feel like we need to solve everything, or tell everyone what we think about something, or “set them straight,” we use our energy in a direction that will not drive us forward in life.  It does the opposite; it drags us back to something already gone and justifies those who would have us staying in the past.  I hope you can understand how important this is in your life.  It is an attitude, a choice to allow things to be as they are and let them go.

In a way, it is forgiveness, maybe silent forgiveness.  Some see that as letting someone win or that it makes you look weak.  No, it does the opposite.  To walk away from something that someone would have you get all tangled up within takes strength, not weakness.  It is a sign that you subscribe to higher-level thinking and live by a higher code of conduct.  Once you start doing that, you will notice a strength that comes to you from the source that leads you to more top honor, among others.

People notice or hear about such high-level behaviors because, after all, arguing and setting things straight is common, and we see them every day.

As your heart shows you ways to let go of defending yourself and start just being yourself with others.  I think you will be much happier and begin to feel liberated in your energy and your leadership with others.

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Yours for a Better Life,