Difficulties Have an Expiration Date – Part 3

Living more gently in a more relaxed way, with a gentle approach to life, allows us to hear and see more clearly.  The difficulty can be located and overcome with care when we realize that we don’t need to force it or push our way through.  We will see the challenge causing a problem hidden in the weave of life with a bit of attention.  Often I have found that several things are involved in what has become the primary difficulty.  We need to be more open to seeing the smaller events surrounding what we feel holds us back.

By taking the time to put yourself in neutral, you give some breathing room and allow your eyes to focus on the whole picture.  All the detail, rather than the one board blocking your view, will focus.

When we are nervous and twittering back and forth on difficulty, we cause ourselves not to see and feel the moment.  If we were to view a video of ourselves, it would be amusing to us and others.  I want to encourage you the next time you’re facing something frustrating or downright tricky, back down a bit.  Look back to when you didn’t have the problem, recall how things were going then and what progression led to where you are at the moment.  This process of letting go may be a challenge if you have never done this.

Just take a moment, get up from your desk, walk away, get a drink of water, and look out the window. Please take a few deep breaths and realize that this is only temporary, that we need some struggle in life to recognize the good times.  Otherwise, good times would look mundane.  Then go back to your difficulty and tackle it anew with a fresh approach.  Sometimes your mind needs a break.  Doing nothing can be the right thing to do.  It allows your body and your brain to do something–refuel!  Pull away from what you are doing, reflect and write an idea down.

Trouble has an expiration date and will not last forever, despite how it may currently look.

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Yours for a Better Life,