Dignity & Tiredness

As we reach the end of our 2018 year of living on the planet.  I find myself recovering from a total knee transplant, thus I missed last week completely.  This week in the interest of my health, I am going to post some interesting quotes that I think will help us to put things into perspective and do so with dignity.

Jeff Foster said,  “Your tiredness has dignity to it.  There is no shame in admitting that you cannot go on.  You have been on a long journey from the stars.  Even the courageous need to rest.”  We are generally so critical of ourselves allow ourselves no slack in production in our lives.  Yet, there are times when you just cannot continue on because you need a rest, a certain refocus.  The tiredness comes from a very long journey not only through life, but think about the journey your soul has been on.  Right before my knee surgery I went through some of my “life stuff” piles in various files and notebooks.  I spent a couple of days digging through things, throwing some (not enough), and scanning other things.  I was completely amazed at the broad number of involvements that I have been a part of.  All of the writings that I have authored, webinars attended, workshops as a teacher and presenter.  So many good things, and such a great representation of the broad spectrum of my life.

It truly did make me tired just looking at it all.  What do you do when you cannot go on?  Do you continue to push yourself, noticing lower and lower productivity?  Do you take a short break and then say, OK, that was nice, not let’s get started?  I certainly do that and when I become this “robot” or sorts I notice that the compassion isn’t in my efforts, that I’m fulfilling obligations but not with a quality that life deserves, that I deserve.  In looking at the photo about you can see the journey you have taken from the stars.  Take time to re-focus, relax, reassess what really matters and to love those around you.

I wish you the best in doing this.  Later this week, I’ll write about a couple of processes that I use each year to evaluate my year and set real goals for the next year.  Meanwhile, there is no shame in admitting that You cannot go on–for now at least.  Take a well deserved rest and relax in order that you can continue your journey.

With love and respect,