Forging an Effective Team With Educators – Part 3

In this three-part series, we have been discussing the Forging an Effective Team With Educators.  In the first part, we looked at Establishing Trust, in the second part we discussed Making Connections.  In part three, we will look at why schools need more money. Many educators all over the country have stated simply that schools are limited by a lack of resources.  However, schools also aren’t very good at looking for resources.  That is where parents can help out greatly.

When you visit the school, establish trust, and begin to build those relationships by learning the acronyms, assessments and other materials being used, I guarantee you will have an idea to help out with resources that the teacher may not have thought about.  Teachers can be bogged down with the day-to-day facilitation of materials, kids, behavior, and technology aspects of teaching.  So often when the day finishes, they are tired and worn out.  Common sense and creative thinking take more energy and it is best done when all the other stuff is done or put on hold at the least.  Take the chance to bring a resource to your school meetings, or into the classroom (with the permission of the school).  This simply gives the teacher a bigger picture and a chance to expand their view beyond the next lesson preparation or assessment.  The needs of schools will continue to rise as changes in society and curriculum keep expanding.

Here is what I know, if kids are supported by parents in their education efforts, they go on to become successful adults that can support themselves.  Students whose parents show little interest in their child’s education, outside of basic behavior, have kids who go on to become dependent adults on the government in adult life.  Schools will continue to need additional funding.  This will never be more obvious to you than by spending a little time in the building volunteering, observing, and enjoying the kids’ work.


Yours for better parenting,