Letting Go of the Past

Last week I wrote about “Trusting Your Struggle,” which is a part of living and learning from our past.  Today I am suggesting that we take time to clean out the past and let go of it.  We all have disappointments and struggles in life and no one, no matter how successful and perfect you think their life may be, is exempt from struggling with life from time to time.  When we take time to go back and find those mistakes, disappointments, and struggles, we begin the process of releasing them, and then we begin to heal ourselves.

The healing cannot start until we forgive ourselves and receive that forgiveness from the source.

Some people think we need to “pay back” for past mistakes or somehow make up for them.  There is no such thing you cannot erase them anyway.  Start by forgiving yourself and go into your source, whether faith, the breath, or your own higher strength. Don’t let those regrets and trials of the past destroy you today.  We all make mistakes and say things that we should not have, but what follows that counts.  Start by changing your attitude toward those mistakes by seeing them as signposts that have guided you to where you are today.

One executive from a large technology firm in California was interviewed and asked what he would change about his past mistakes.  Without hesitation, he said nothing.  I wouldn’t change anything.  All of those mistakes have led me to where I am today.

It doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t like to have a few do-overs if possible, but since that isn’t likely at this point, let them go.  I want to use a visual meditation to meet the regret or mistake in my mind while concentrating on my breath.  I see it as an image, person, or something just a color.  I greet it and ask it what it has to teach me.  Then I stop and receive those teachings.  Sometimes that is it for a while; I have to come back to consciousness to receive the instructions.

Other times it all seems to go at once.  Once you have genuinely and deeply received the teachings, release it from attaching to you and thank it as it goes on its way.

Another take on this vital topic is posted here for your reading pleasure, Reliving the Past – Face What’s Next – Dr. Rich Patterson (pattersonphd.com)

Psychology Today has an article on training your mind to let sad experiences slip here How to Let Go of the Past | Psychology Today

You can design your process for releasing the past or use the many that are widely available today.  If you take time to do this, you will notice new freedom and energy about yourself that has been missing for some time.  I wish you well with this process.

Yours for a Better Life,