Limiting Fun Nights

Do you limit the number of fun nights out away from the home that your child may have in a week?  I believe that is good parenting and a good idea.  When started early, kids will come to accept that it isn’t okay for them to go with the group whenever and wherever they wish.  By limiting the number of nights a week, they are out of the house, you help them to make choices, and also to be creative.  They will find very quickly that they can have someone over to their home and that, that is another option.  Weeknights, in particular, should be monitored to ensure that kids are not just out running around without supervision.

I believe that this should also include meeting nights for various organizations that they may be a part of as well as church activities.  Weekend fun nights should also be agreed upon in advance so that kids aren’t out both nights.  Why is this important?  Research from the Search Institute has shown that kids with the most significant resilience have parents who enforce this in the home.  Resilience creates a Teflon coating with kids that allows them to make good choices during those moments of choice.  To date, the research has included over three-million kids that live in small towns, suburbs, big cities, and in traditional, single–parent, and adoptive families; in poverty, the middle class and affluence.   Kids with 31 or more assets make good choices and have higher achievement in school, which leads them to significant accomplishments as an adult.   See Search Institutes website for more information: https://

I challenge parents to sit with their young person and set some limits on fun nights and then ensure that you are doing things together as a family, besides watching television.  You will be glad that you did when your kids grow up to be successful adults — spending time as a family is fleeting anyway, and this ensures that you’re making the most of that time.

Yours for Better Parenting,