Make A Plan

In the previous post, I spoke about Developing a Vision of Victory for your life, and I wrote about the importance of grabbing a good attitude through the detailed vision you have for your life.  Today you must take that vision and make a plan to put it into action.  Put aside all of those excuses that say; I’m not ready, I don’t have the education, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the skills yet, forget them.  Tell yourself that you can do this and hold that image of victory.

Add all of the details and write a plan without regard for how to make the steps happen.  It might be a generalized approach at first that lists general steps.  Write them down.

Then go back at another time and add more detail to them, still not worrying about things that take something that you might not have.  Put it out to the universe through your faith that the necessary tools will be made available to you.  This process creates a desire in you and what you are doing.  That desire will help you keep faith in your vision; it will keep you going with the passion and dedication you need to make it happen.

If we teach this to our kids and help them write some vision of their own, you will find that their imagination will take over shortly.  What we can add as parents is to allow them to stay focused to fulfill their plan.

Help them long term to see the value in staying with something that you want, defeating those distractions and setbacks that are going to happen.   By teaching kids and ourselves that setbacks represent a chance to realize what we need to learn and do differently, we give them perseverance that is uncommon amongst most individuals.

It will set them apart from others and help them to reach higher for their goals in life.   When things head south a bit, allow them to keep their eyes on the vision, add more detail to that vision, and be unwilling to let it go regardless of who says what to whom about anything.  By spending your time on things that will help you, you move forward.  Be aware of those things that distract, discourage, or those people that don’t support your vision. Move away from them and into those who share your enthusiasm and help you keep it alive in yourself.

We often assume that kids possess planning skills, but seldom are they taught.  Schools often do not have any curriculum or examples to help students.  Read more here What Kids Need: Planning Skills – Dr. Rich Patterson (

Author Vassilena Valchanova has a beautiful article on four steps to a successful personal development plan; here 4 steps to a successful personal development plan (

Yours for a better life,