CranesDr. Rich PattersonThe Sandhill Crane has been on earth for an astonishing 10 million years. Cranes are migratory and can fly as high as two miles above the earth. One of the folklore stories passed on, is that the Crane swallows a stone prior to these flights to provide a bit of an anchor when flying long distances. The stone helps keep the bird in place as it encounters various currents and weather events. Once it arrives, the stone is brought-up and spewed out.

Whether true or not, the concept that a bird that has lasted 10 million years uses an anchor to help itself during turbulent times, gives us pause to consider that for ourselves. After all, how can 10 million years of nature be wrong? When you are in the midst of life’s events and chapters, what anchor do you use? You may say, well, a faith based anchor, or maybe nothing at all.

If you are faith based, do you really use it? Does it provide the trust that you need to follow your heart? Can you bump into the difficulties of life and pull through, much like the Crane does in turbulent weather, based on your faith? Referencing our anchor in life in this way helps us to see beyond ourselves to something greater, something much bigger than the bumps and struggles of life.

If you really don’t have an anchor, consider developing one. Perhaps it might just be some quiet time with yourself away from all distractions where you sit and just open your mind, releasing all of the concerns and tensions of the day. This can be your anchor, if you’re just not ready for something more formal and faith based.

Aesop writes about the Crane in this way:

to rise above the clouds into endless space, and survey the wonders of the heavens, as well as the earth beneath, with its seas, lakes and rivers, as far as the eye can reach.
How far can you go today, with the help of an anchor?