Parenting & Tenacity

There is no doubt that, at times, parenting takes tenacity.  Tenacity is a resolve to be successful with your kids, a firmness to hold on to those standards of behavior of which you will not depart.  It is persistence to continue pushing through difficult times of disagreement and maintain your connection and communication with your adolescent. It requires insistence at times, and a letting goes at others.  there is no doubt that when things get complicated, sometimes the best measure is to give it some space, but to say, “let’s revisit this when we are both more focused on solving the problem.”  When you say that, you let the adolescent know that I recognize that we need space right now, but we also need to resolve this.

That is the firmness, the persistence to which I refer.  This steadfastness shows loyalty to the teenager; it tells them I am devoted to your success even when things get tough.  They will recognize this eventually, and by age 13 or sooner, a discussion about this role when conflicts arise will help them further identify it.  It helps to create trustworthiness between you are a parent and as someone trying to figure things out in the world.  The stress surrounding this process certainly doesn’t diminish, but it shows commitment.

So often see parents just let it go, so they don’t have to deal with it.  But that, in effect, shows disloyalty and creates the opposite of what we wish to accomplish.  Here’s what I know, When we take the time to do the right things during difficult times, we establish trust and faithfulness, which will always serve a relationship.  I want to encourage you to be extremely persistent in adhering to the parenting of your child. Be stubborn and almost relentless defenders of their development and education.  Kids will notice, but when they are older, they will also appreciate what you have done for them.

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