Mastery of Self

We possess the ability to assemble our minds to be whatever we will.  We are nearly always in the process of building and enhancing our Self.  Some of us do this unconsciously, and just by living, gradually, bit by bit, we increase our understanding of whatever we wish.  Others take the time to do it more formally and thus become conscious creators of our reality.  They are no longer subject to the whims and wishes of others, nor are they influenced by suggestions, media, or desires that can lead them astray. By asserting their Mastery of Self using their own will, they push aside the negative thoughts, talk, and undesirable influences that do not lead to where they want to go.  The decree includes higher-level ideas and purposefully sets aside the lower-level thoughts.  As I wrote in the last post, those lower-level thoughts drag us away from our Master of Self.  They creep in like unwanted weeds in a garden and start appearing.  Before we know it, they have taken over.

When we assert our will towards higher thought, we align with the universe and the possibilities of life.  But, before we can declare the power of our “I,” we must overcome the power of lower and negative thoughts.  Conceptually I see it as governing my authentic Self, the capital S of Self.  By being specific about my intention, I can send worry, fear, jealousy, and even my appetite to total subordination.  Replace fear by saying, “I have Mastery of Self,” “I am a Master of Self,” or any version of this.  Say it to yourself throughout the day and feel the confidence grow within you.  Feel the surge of energy and focus that leads to your goal.  As I write this, I can feel the rise of trust, helping me to write effectively.

When we notice the lower-level thoughts playing in our minds, we can then address them and send them away.  Over time they will diminish and disappear altogether.  Are they ever gone completely–no.  It is a maintenance item, much like the garden.  You can take time to weed your garden, getting it all clean and clear of weeds.  Everything looks beautiful, and for a week or two, things seem to maintain themselves.  Then gradually and without notice, the weeds creep back in.  One day, return to your garden and notice that things are getting out of hand again, and you take action.  So it is with our negative thoughts.  You clean house, so to speak, and push those judgments and errors of experience that keep playing like an audio loop in our minds back out of existence.  I like to tell my brain to “erase” that memory.  Over time it will erase that which you instruct.

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For a standard in the field, please see The Mastery of Self: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom: Ruiz Jr., don Miguel: 9781938289538: Books

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