Dr. Rich Patterson

Poets of Their Generation

Those youth that is born between 1977-1994 are known as Generation Y, Echo Boomers or Millenniums, age now 24-36 number as 71 million, and along with Generation Z, born between 1995-2012, age now 14-23 number as 23 million+  are rapidly becoming the new leaders in our country and world.  The previous generations widely criticize both these generations:  Generation X, Boomers II, or Generation Jones, and the Boomers I or Baby Boomers, and it is taking a toll on the confidence and outlook of these two new generations.

In general, man (in the broad sense) is not very good with change.  We quickly criticize things that are new and foreign to us.  The “why” of this is for a more profound conversation at another time, but suffice it to say; those critical words are harming our new friends.  We often think that because someone doesn’t see things as we do, they are wrong or have a problem.  We want them to hold the same ideals that we have.  For example, these two new generations often have a different view of work and career.

For the most part, the older generations of Generation X believe that you work at a career, there are aspects that you don’t like, and you persevere and push yourself. Our newest generations have a different view that work should be satisfying.  What a concept, I know!  But they want what they do every day to be enjoyable, and if it isn’t, regardless of salary or benefits, they will likely leave the position.

That doesn’t match older generations, and they struggle with that attitude and respond with criticism.  But wait, do we need them to feel like we did, working through a career at times, often at the expense of our health?  I want to offer that their different attitudes, yet undeveloped in many ways, may serve us all well in that they will reinvent how this whole life cycle process of education, career, retirement works, and why not?  I genuinely feel that these two generations, and others coming, hold the keys to unlocking a better balance in life.  To help us all process the business of career, making money, house, and lifestyle in a much better way.

By giving them a chance to develop their ideas, much like we did as the hippies of the 70s, they become the Poets of Their Generation.  These poets are sorting things out; they are questioning life, saying, wait a minute, why does it have to be this way?  In the process, just like former generations, there are some incomplete thoughts, some frustrations, but don’t criticize them for wanting things to be different.  They hold the keys to a new interaction between our soul and lifestyles.  I feel that they will bring us all to a higher place.  It won’t be without cost; it won’t be without mistakes; it never is.

But I look forward to their fresh ways of enjoying life along rather than momentarily.  Hang in there, my young friends, very soon, it will all be yours to shape, and shape and mold you will.

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