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Rich Patterson, Ph.D.

Presenting Yourself


How is it that you present yourself?  I mean, how do you show up to others?  We have many choices on how we are present in our lives to and for others.  Do you try to display a quality about yourself in every aspect of yourself?  Why is this important?

If you get up in the morning and maybe you’ve had a difficult night of sleep, do you make an extra effort to show your best self?  What kind of energy, enthusiasm, passion, and with what other traits will you show up?  Your best self goes far beyond the essential aspects of dress and personal grooming.  Those are important and are aspects that will pay dividends.

Regardless of how you may feel, displaying your best energy shows others that you have a certain constant quality about yourself. You’re solid in your approach to life, and that regardless of your circumstances or situations, you move forward to control and uncommon integrity.  The energy and enthusiasm come from inside; it comes from your attitude about approaching life’s difficulties and challenges.  You can choose to see beyond them and know that you are a part of something much more significant with your life than being overtaken by a comment, situation, or just someone else’s rudeness.

What are your passion points?  You know, those areas you enjoy talking about and have spent time reading and thinking?  Maybe it is sports or music.   Do you display those to others and help them see the day’s light beyond the routine and problems that we all face daily?

What gifts do you have?  We all have skills—yes, all of us, even you.  Never feel like you don’t have a gift you need to give to others.  It is your DNA fingerprint on the world and is unique to you, and no one else can imprint others entirely as you can.  Discover it, show it to others and ensure that you use your talents.

This ties in closely with, “What duties do you put on deliberately and own?” These are the things that we choose to be involved with to help others and the world.  The students who walked out of school protested the gun laws and are an excellent example of students who choose to put that duty on.  To display leadership and passion about something that needs attention in our country.

I challenge you today to consider these questions.  1) How are you going to present yourself?  2)  What kind of energy, enthusiasm, passion, and traits are you going to show present? 3) What gifts have you been given?  What duties do you put on deliberately and own?  Attention to these areas is self-leadership and will put you far above others if you put them on each day.

–Yours for better living—Rich

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