Resilience in Kids: Clubs & Activities

I have recently written about the benefits for kids being a member of sports and music organizations and how they add resilience or Teflon coating to their lives.  To help them when they face difficult times or when faced with a moment of decision.  Today I am suggesting the benefit of young people participating in non-school sports or organizations one or more hours a week.  When kids have the chance to interact with other kids in non-school organizations, they learn social skills in a different manner than those of a school environment.  Often, the atmosphere is more relaxed and has fewer restrictions than school-related activities.  A new setting allows kids to communicate with kids; they aren’t typically around.  It encourages them to learn team working more openly and helps them to socialize more flexibly.

To ensure that kids have this opportunity, check out the many opportunities that abound, such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or just Scouting, YMCA, religious organizations, intramural sports organizations, and neighborhood community centers that exist in many communities.  Getting kids involved in these opportunities encourages them to be independent, to hold their own in various situations often not encountered at school.  I challenge parents to find non-school sports or organizations and get their child involved one or more hours a week.  They will meet new friends that also are involved in these types of activities and add to their personalities.

Yours for Better Parenting,