Resilience in Kids: Doing Their Best

As a parent, do you encourage your young person to do their best?  Of course, most parents say yes, but I would beg to differ as a school administrator.  So often, in a student-parent conference, parents would discover for the first time that attendance is lacking and that assignments are not getting turned in.  With all the technology and software that we have allowing parents access to their child’s attendance and the teacher’s grade book, assignment logs, and so much more, they are often not up to date when it comes to monitoring their child’s progress.

For the most part, the human psyche default is to the lowest level of performance.  There are a few exceptions, but in general, we will rise to the lowest level of expectation.  If a child is late to class and the parent doesn’t check, hey, no big deal.  Do you encourage your child to do their best every day?  I mean by taking time to find out daily assignments, going online, and looking firsthand at their school records.  Also, be sure to connect with the school and district websites.  On those sites will be posted activities, unique schedules coming up for the week, sports, clubs, and activities going on at the school.  When parents become informed, then they will also help their child to perform at a higher level.

Yes, it takes work, diligence, consistent, daily effort, time out of your day.  But it is well worth it when it comes to building resilience in your child and helping them to push themselves to higher levels of achievement.  The value is their success later in life when they can hold a great job when they are leaders for others when they raise your grandkids and help them succeed.  Parents get tired and often do not follow through with good intentions with encouragement and supervision.

I want to encourage all our parents to keep tabs on what is going on at school and help kids do their best.  To do their best consistently, day after day.  Consistency is what takes time to develop and is genuinely lacking in many of our youth today.  For more blog information on raising kids, please check out my website:

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