Restore the Peace

It was a really bad argument complete with door slamming and words exchanged in anger.  Immediately I realized I had made a huge mistake.  I sat in disbelief about what had just happened.  Where did it come from?  No one had planned it nor did I see it coming, but it must have been there.  I worked to try to regain composure and realized that I had but one choice and that was to Restore the Peace immediately.  But my pride was in the way, I felt right, justified, yet I know that when I spend too much trying to justify something that I’ve done, it automatically means that I’m in the wrong.

Have you been in a situation like this?  We want to lead a satisfying life, one that we can reflect upon with fondness, love, and gratitude for the experiences that we have had.  But when we lose our cool it seems like all of that is out the window.  My message today is a simple one, these situations are going to happen, and try as we may, they will still plague us if that is our default disposition.  Perhaps, just perhaps all of these experiences, even the bad ones where we lose our cool, are there to teach us something.  But will we take the opportunity to learn from them?  If we get mad, realize we should not have done that, and then do nothing, we haven’t learned anything.

On the other hand, if we take time to process our shortcomings and be strong-willed in recovering what has just happened, we will Restore the Peace.  These obstacles and so many others are always opportunities for us to advance as a spirit.  They will never be completely out of our life, as long as we’re here on earth.  Problems and situations will always arise, but take them to the next level and rise up in honor and offer a blessing to the teaching and Restore the Peace.

Yours for a Better Life,