This is Only Temporary . . .

I believe that our experience here on earth is only temporary and that we can’t get to where we need to go without the struggle.  I am asking that you stand firm and expect some challenges and distractions to change your course.  Our daughter asked me once, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  It was a good question, and I did my best to answer it, but I heard a lot from nonbelievers.  They use this as a reason or excuse not to believe in God.  Take a look at Job in the bible.  Job was a wealthy, God-fearing man who was hugely successful.  Over time, he was tested and went through many trials, eventually losing nearly everything, including his health.

What happened?  Why?  Scripture is explicit that we must go through some difficulties in life to complete our destiny.  But it takes faith and a realization that God isn’t dependent on what we don’t have–he can make up the difference.  The troubles that we may be experiencing have an expiration date.

When you take this stand and declare your faith in God, a shield of faith rises around you and helps protect you.  It doesn’t mean that everything will be all roses; no, we still have to do our part in this world.  The picture is much bigger than any of us know.  I do know this, having faith that we will get through this, that this is only temporary and that we must go through the struggle to help to give us perseverance and an inner flame that we can and will get through any tough times.

Today, I hope you will examine your stand on faith and begin to pull that shield around you.  You will adopt the attitude that this is only temporary and that we can’t get to where we need to go without struggle.  Trouble has an expiration date, so outlast it, use your determination, perseverance, and most of all, your faith to weather any storm that life delivers.  You will find yourself far above others with this attitude.

Actor, Jeff Bridges has a quote here that I really like: Jeff Bridges – We’re here for such a short period of time…. (

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Yours for a Better Life,