Dr. Rich Patterson

This is Only Temporary

It just isn’t worth it sometimes!  You know, it’s all just too much, and for what?  It seems impossible to overcome all the obstacles and roadblocks to get where we are going.  When we’re overwhelmed by life and our plans just aren’t working out, we can remind ourselves that this is only temporary.  It is impossible to get where we need to go without the struggle.  The struggle is the journey; it is the essential part of the journey.

When I was younger, I focused on achieving a goal to the point that when I reached it, I dismissed it immediately.  Many hundreds of plans later, I realized I was like a robot.  You know, just going through the motions to do something, I moved on when I accomplished it.  The journey wasn’t fun or even teaching me much of anything; it was the goal that was the most important–right?  Or is it?  The journey is the most important.

Have you ever waited and waited for a holiday to come up and when it came and went, you realized that it wasn’t that big a deal after all.  I have found that the preparation is much more rewarding than the goal.  Or you might say, the journey is the best part of life.

We have to realize that the journey isn’t dependent on what we don’t have.  It is provided for us when we need it, and we can make up the difference.  Understanding this is crucial to know that earning something, traveling to a destination, and taking time with others are essential parts of what we do.  Often we find ourselves reaching a goal and jumping to the next.  This cycle is self-destructive in many ways.

Remember that trouble has an expiration date.  Stephen R. Covey teaches us in his landmark book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, that if we can be vital during a difficult time, or a test period of sorts, it will quickly pass.  It doesn’t last as long as we think, particularly if we’re looking for what’s next in the positive sense.

Remind yourself that your situation is only temporary; you cannot get to where you need to go without struggling.  John Maxwell says, “It’s uphill.  It’s all uphill.”  It’s not what we don’t have; it’s the journey to get there that you will remember.  I believe that this builds character, perseverance mindset and creates something incredible.  Trouble has an expiration date–set it shorter than you think, and look to what’s next.

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