Trust Your Struggle

I am using DJ Johnson’s photo title, Trust Your Struggle, for my post today.  We would rather not have any struggle, but then how would we know the good times?  By what nature would we be able to identify them.  If we trust that our struggle is what will get us to where we need to go, then we embrace it with patience and a slowness so as to not miss the teachable moment contained with it.  It is like a seed pod.  By itself, we cannot possibly see that the tiny seed of an Oak tree could grow into what it can, yet that is what happens.  That tiny seed grows into one of the largest trees in North America.

I have found that it is helpful to slow down when I reach an obstacle, pause, and step back a moment.  Just stop and begin to simplify the situation.  Address it with patience first and you will choose a much wiser course for yourself and others.  Trust Your Struggle reminds us that those struggles are there by faith and are Knonos moments or teachable moments from God.  If you are not faith-based, substitute your belief here.  The point is that we have faith that what we’re experiencing will work out for us, that it will in some way change our thinking.  Oftentimes, we don’t want to change our thinking.  We really don’t want to make the effort to understand our struggle, we would rather complain.  But how does that work out for you?  Not well, so why not try an approach of positive belief that expects to learn something valuable from the present struggle.

I believe that there is a specific plan for all our lives, but we cannot get there without the struggle part.  We just aren’t that good and following unsolicited guidance to be moved in such a way that we will get there on our own.  I can’t do it, you can’t do it, nobody can do it.  We need that faith piece that leads us to believe.  Here’s what I know: “All steps, whether forward or backward, lead us toward our goal.”  Recently a CEO at one of the California technology firms was asked what he would do differently in his life.  In short, how would you address those mistakes in life?  He promptly said I would do the same things again because they have led me to believe as I do presently.

Today I encourage you to Trust Your Struggle as DJ Johnson says above.  What have you gone to lose?  If you look for those gems you will find them, but without a good attitude, they will pass you by.

Yours for a Better Life,