We Are All Connected

We have been talking about roots and that taking time to establish solid fundamentals in your life, such as morals, character, and integrity, pays off throughout your life.  It takes time and perseverance, a topic on which I have written a great day.  Today, please consider the quacking aspens in the Pano, in Fishlake National Forest in Utah.  It is considered by experts to be 80,000 years old, and a single root system connects all of the 40,000 trees.  If one tree is in an area with insufficient water, the other trees can sense that and get moisture to that tree. Unique how nature sets an example for all of us and how we are all connected.  Now there are many directions that I could take this from here, environment, equality, world affairs, and on and on.  But I write a lot about kids and am going to head in that direction.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a three-part series on establishing a community-wide effort to work with resiliency.  We have community members that say, ‘but I raised my kids, I am done’ or ‘why do I need to do this?’  Because we are all connected, much like the root system in the Pano, in Fishlake National Forest.  We all depend on each other, and everyone needs a hand now and then to get going.  Never mind the worthiness or on and on that we use to make excuses.  The need is accurate, and the effort can make a huge difference.  In the previous post, I wrote about the importance of a stable root system for trees regardless of their size and notably for tall trees.  Our kids need a community that helps to direct their attention towards the fundamentals that count.  I have written extensively about the 40 Development Assets for Youth from the Search Institute (https://www.search-institute.org).  When we adults make an effort to help kids with broad categories such as Family Support Family Life, Positive Communication, Other Adult Relationships, and Caring Neighborhood (search-institute.org), we make a difference.  Take some time to look at the website from Search Institute and pick out two or three assets where you can make a difference, regardless of your state in life.

We are all connected, and we want everyone to be successful; otherwise, they cannot contribute to the world. When we saw an Oak tree, Carl Jung commented that he reminded him of the self and unconscious roots.  The unconsciousness is where we operate when we react to something without thinking.  It is a cold move.  So, if we take time to help youth establish those roots, then we are, in turn, allowing them to set down some real fundamentals in their life concerning character, integrity, and morals.  I challenge our readers to take some time to make a difference for the youth that are in their lives today.

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