What Kids Need: Good Influence

Positive influence seems like a no-brainer; however, often, we aren’t fully aware of who our kids are spending time around.  We know that the company that we keep has an influence on us, but do we know details about our kids’ friends?  It is essential to be aware of their grades, their behavior, and other behaviors such as staying away from alcohol, vaping, and other drug use.  Search-Institute reports that only 31% of the kids have this influence in their lives.  What to do?

Invite kids to your home so you can learn about them and how they behave.  Be aware of how they talk and the topics they choose.  What do they think is funny?  Is it or should it be funny?  Ask your kids about their friends’ grades, have they been in trouble.  Do they get along with their parents?  Once you have affirmed that they are good kids, encourage your child to have them over to your house.  Say to them, “I like having Jeff around he seems like a nice guy.”  That way, your kids feel supported in their choice.  If one of your child’s friends turns out to be negative, be careful about criticizing them.  That may make kids even more determined to have them as a friend.  A better approach is to ask details about them and ask your child how he/she could be a positive influence on them.  How do you think we could help him with his attitude.  Be supportive, yet let them know that there is something a bit off with the person.

I challenge our parents to get to know your child’s friends in detail and be cautious about expressing discontent.  Instead, encourage them to hold on to the values that you have taught them and thus be a positive influence.

Yours for Better Parenting,