What Kids Need: Hope

Having a positive view of the future is of paramount importance with young people.  It is easy for us to think that kids’ natural default is in this direction; however, many struggles with this concept.  Help kids to have a positive outlook on their future and that of the family.  A child can express a dream to be a music star, an athlete, or a president and do precisely that from meager surroundings.  You need not look any further than music and athletics to find many a famous person who by all measures should not be where they are in life.  What is the key?  Their parents didn’t discourage their dreams, and they didn’t dismiss them as unrealistic or unattainable.  Help your kids to see their goals, but also to take steps right now to attain them.

I have written about a student/parent conference that I had once where the child expressed that he wanted to be an M.D.  He was in high school, so I asked him if he was taking advanced mathematics; he replied no and didn’t even like math.  I asked him the same about science, biology, chemistry; he replied no.  That child may still become an M.D., but how valuable would it be to start right now by taking coursework to prepare yourself for the rigorous college admissions that surround becoming an M.D.?  When we eliminate phrases like, “Well, good luck with that.”  or “That won’t work.”  or “No one in our family has ever done that well.” then we help to help them to see their dreams.

Take time with your kids today to sit and enjoy life, enjoy dreams, and enjoy thinking about what is essential right now.  Even if life is difficult, find something about the beautiful setting and share that with your kids.  I challenge parents and all adults today to give their kids hope by helping them to see their dreams, to allow them to continue to dream and see that ray of hope, like the photo above.  You will find life more peaceful and enjoyable, and your kids may reach those dreams—what a great gift as a parent.

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