What Kids Need: Service to Others

It is a proven researched fact that kids who serve the community one hour or more a week are more resilient to the risk-related behaviors of their youth.  I challenge our parents today to get their kids involved in a community service event where they can serve regularly.  If one-hour a week is too much, schedule something one to two times a month.  There are so many opportunities, nursing homes, reading to the elderly, just stopping by for a visit to someone older.  Serving the homeless at a homeless shelter or playing music for them on their instrument of choice.  Anything will add value to others and will also add resilience to their life.  When kids serve others, they see a bigger picture of life; they understand that their problems are nothing compared to others.

Here’s what I know. When we serve others, our problems either fade away or solve themselves.  This works because we are giving to others through the talents that we were given.  The impetus must come from an adult but occasionally comes from the child.  We hear nearly every day about a cause or an event that a child organized, with the help of an adult, that has gone viral and now is making a difference globally.  What a great gift to your child!  I can’t think of a better way to raise their self-esteem than by serving others.

I challenge you today to start thinking with your child about how they can provide a service to the benefit of others.  I think you will find a new attitude from your child towards others and towards life.

Yours for Better Parenting,