1st Quarter Grades – Part 3

Parents Rights and Responsibilities

In Parts I & II we have been discussing ways that Parents can stay on top of their child’s performance in school.  In this Part 3 we will be discussing Parents Rights and Responsibilities.

Let’s start with some basic rights.  As parents you have the right to always visit your child’s school.  You can check in at the Main Office and obtain a visitor’s pass.  This will allow you to sit in your child’s classroom and to follow their schedule.  You might check in advance with the Main Office to see if they are on a special schedule or have an assembly or other event that day.  Visiting on days when the schedule isn’t “normal” is not a good day because it doesn’t take much of a change in routine to get kids excited.

You also have the right to ask questions about the curriculum, what is being taught, what viewpoints are included and when are various topics scheduled.  Talk with the teacher directly and ask for a basic road map of what they plan to teach when.  They should be able to provide that for you along with when they expect to cover different topics.

You can be as involved in your child’s education as you are willing to take time to do so.  With regards to responsibilities, and as an educator, I would just encourage all parents to keep track of grades, homework, attendance, read all communication from the school and classroom.  That includes fliers, pamphlets, newsletters, emails, meeting dates both school and district dates, the school accountability meeting dates, the parent support meetings, all of them are vitally important.  It takes time to stay abreast of everything, but you have only one chance to help prepare your child for a great future, so by taking time now you avoid future stress and disappointment in the future.


Yours for better parenting,