In the last two posts we have been discussing the 5 Phases of Parenting and in the last post we discussed that in the beginning you don’t know what you don’t know.  I gave the example of starting a new job and someone is training you and after about a hour they ask you if you have any questions.  Your reaction is that you don’t know what to ask because it is all new.

In Phase 2 which is up to age 5, you begin to realize that you need to know and you can identify some key topic areas.  Parenting is a bit of self-discovery and certainly unique to each home environment and parents, guardians, step-parents that are present.  As parents we know that we’re not doing everything perfect and at times may be very critical of our efforts blaming ourselves more than we should.

I like to encourage parents and remind them that overall, kids are very resilient and will bounce back and adjust quite quickly.  Certainly more quickly than we do as adults.  Being a parent is an honor because you are their teacher and anyone who is a teacher has a great honor.  As you work through these five years you start to remember things that the adults did in your life, some good and some bad.  You begin to realize the challenges that other adults faced while you were growing up.

It is good to remember some of these and write them down.  Make a list of things you do and do not want to do as a parent.  By simply being aware that there are phases to parenting and that you don’t need to be perfect, you have given yourself a great gift.  Here is what I know:  Most parents would love to go back to the first five years before their child went off to school.  Those years, while exhausting, are the more memorable and enjoyable.  Take time to enjoy the day to day attention that you’re able to give your child because it is a fleeting moment in their life as well as your own.

Next we will talk about Phase 3, I Know what I Need to Know.

Yours for better parenting,