5 Phases of Parenting – Phase 3

In the first two phases we discussed that phase one tells us I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know and phase two tells us I Know At Least That I Need to Know.  In Phase Three, tells us, I Know What I Need to Know.

Now you’re at the stage when some of those behaviors are beginning to get your attention and you really need to think of ways to correct them in order that they don’t become habits.  You are squarely in Phase Three where you are beginning to identify what it is that you need to know.

Now you might be thinking that you should already know these things or wouldn’t it be nice if someone would just give me a list in advance so I can be prepared.  Hmm . . . well that usually isn’t the case because life is best lived in the moment using your own creativity to solve problems.  As you discover some important areas that you need more information you start to make your list and reach out to friends and other parents for some of their thoughts on techniques to assist your child.

This is an education phase and is best when we experience it for ourselves.  I am reminded here that it is the journey that is the most valuable part of any goal.  Raising happy, healthy, and successful kids is the goal.  But when graduation day comes and they are off to college or a new job, truthfully it is a bit of a let down.  You will miss and think about the journey all of the struggles and difficulties that you went through to get them to that point.

Here’s what I know:  When we enjoy the journey in life we become more fully present in the moment and thus enable ourselves to give it our full attention.  Those are the things that life is made of, those moments when things didn’t go well and you made a good choice or gave some solid guidance.

Yours for better parenting,