5 Phases of Parenting – Phase 4

In this five part series we have been discussing the 5 Phases of Parenting.  Quickly in the last three posts we have discussed, 1) I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know, 2) I Know At Least That I Need to Know, and 3) I Know What I Need to Know.  Today we will discuss Phase 4: You Know and it Starts to Show.

As you identify that you need to know about certain topic areas, then you begin to move into what those topic areas are and almost immediately you identify the specific behaviors and motivations that you want more information about.

In Phase 4 you Know what is missing, you have identified reliable sources and you have started to use it with your child.  Perhaps to your surprise some of it worked and some of it didn’t.  Then you remember to when you were a kid and some things just didn’t appeal to you or just didn’t motivate you to make a change.  This is specifically where each individual parent gets to tailor their style to their child.

Here’s what I know:  Parents know their child better than anyone.  However, be aware that your kids have only a couple of adults to really figure out and you have your family, spouse, significant other, co-workers many others in which to understand.  Kids figure out early how to get what they want and even before they can talk it seems they are already masters sometimes.

Enjoy the journey – it is the most important part of why we’re parents in the first place.

In Phase 5 we will discuss how you now move confidently because of what you know.

Yours for better parenting,