5 Phases of Parenting – Phase 5

We have been discussing the 5 Phases of Parenting which briefly are, 1) I don’t know what I don’t know, 2) I know at least that I need to know, 3) I know what I need to know, 4) You know, and it starts to show, and today is  5) You move confidently because of what you know.

When I first started teaching, I knew what the College of Education thought I should know; my grades were solid, but after I signed that contract, my entire education came flashing before my eyes.  I mean, all the classes that I thought I should have studied harder came rushing into my head.  It was then that you wondered if you had made the right choice.  I gained momentum by applying what I had learned in college in combination with experience.

As a parent, once you have moved into parenting, you begin to know your child better than anyone and understand what works with various parenting styles.  That is until your child becomes an adolescent–then it seems like your child came from another planet.  That’s why I wrote my book, Making Sense of Life: A Guidebook for Teens and Parents.  I discuss many of the critical issues and at the end of each chapter is a chance for you to reflect on some questions I have created for parents and a set for the kids.

Once you start to remember some of the successes and struggles from your own life, you will begin to help your child because of what you know.

When we know something because of the experience and guidance that we have received, we make decisions quickly, promptly, and without second-guessing ourselves.  Even when there is resistance, we still move confidently.  Take a topic like popularity–something we struggled with, and so do many kids as well.  How did you handle it?  With the knowledge you have now from those situations, what strengthening statements can you share with your child that they might use.

In this example, you begin to help them with something that can be difficult and move in such a way that you have confidence.

These 5 Phases of Parenting will help you parent and see a bigger picture as you move through various phases.  The phases overlap, and depending on the age grouping the child is currently in; you may even move back to a previous phase for a short time.  But then you’re back at Phase 5 in a much faster time.

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