Always Be Your Best

On Friday of this week, I have the opportunity to speak to middle school students and parents for the National Junior Honor Society program at their school.  I choose to speak about, “Always Be Your Best.”  I want to tell them how proud I am, as well as their parents, the teachers, staff, and school is for specifically making time in their life to make school and their personal performance a priority. When I was at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL working on my master’s degree, I have a professor tell me, “Rich, Opportunity begets opportunity.”  This door leads to an opportunity down the road because of your first accomplishment which leads to another and so on.  I have found that to be so true in my own life.  I plan to encourage them to continue their trek.

Areas, where I made a personal effort, has resulted in my having other wonderful opportunities because I extended my efforts, pushed myself to do better, took the time needed to be my best.  Being our best is so important, but so is realizing that there will be obstacles along the way.  I want them to understand how to meet some of those obstacles in our life, how to understand them and move on.  I like to use the story about snowmobiling.  As a snowmobiler, I like to ride off trail high in the mountains in Colorado.  The downside to that is that at some time, you will likely get stuck.  My point is that if you want to ride here in the high country, then you need to expect some of this, (a photo of me stuck).

In short encouraging them to continue to work to be their best, to be proud of those accomplishments and to be determined and have an uncommon desire to succeed.  I am looking forward to the chance to speak to this group and plan to enjoy my time with the audience.