Dr. Rich Patterson

Balance–Seasons & Kids

For years I have struggled with balance in my life.  As I spoke with friends and colleagues I found that so does nearly everyone.  It seems that we’re never quite in balance and always striving to keep everything going in the right direction.  Take health for example, you’re never quite there with your health.  There is always this pain that seems to keep coming back, or some type of illness that we’re struggling with.  In truth, we’re never totally in balance with our health, it is always and every day a balancing act.

One day as I realized for the 1000th time that I was out of balance again, I asked myself an important question.  Does balance even exist?  I decided that it doesn’t exist – there is no such thing.  What we have is seasons.  The young women, Sean-Kong above has taken this photo of herself standing at what looks to be a soccer goal net.  It is her season – perhaps she plays soccer and really enjoys it.  So one could look at her and see that she puts a lot of time into soccer, but it is a season.  A season can last for a few hours, a day or for months or years.  It is always interspersed with other seasons – family, kids, helping others, giving back are also all seasons.  What season are in you at this moment?

Raising kids is a season – yes, a very long one from start to finish–or is there a finish?  I say not.  Today is father’s day and I am always a father and still to this day and on a regular basis I am interacting with our kids, helping advising, seeking their help.  It is still a type of season.  I like thinking in terms of a season because then I don’t feel guilty for not tending to this or that.  When I realize a shortage or unbalance, if you will, I simply shift to giving that my attention instead of something else.  As I write this blog, my wife is waiting for me to sit outside with her looking at the forest.  I am in a season to finish my blog and headed to family time, to Father’s Day celebration.

Enjoy your seasons and stop trying to keep everything in balance.  It doesn’t exist after all.  Enjoy the journey and all its shifts.

Happy Father’s Day to all our fathers and to all men who help others whether you’re formally a father or not – you’re an influence.  It is a perpetual season.

Let me know what you think below please.