Living in Balance

I have worked to achieve balance in my life for it seems like forever.  I rarely seem to ever attain it for any length of time before I’m knocked off my feet by life itself.  Recently after working through this concept once again, setting new goals and making a commitment, I decided something important.  It doesn’t exist – balance in your life does not exist.  It is impossible to attain, the more to work at it, the more you try to control it.  Control implies resistance, which in turn implies that you even can control this force which you cannot see.  It simply does not exist.

Take your health for example.  Even when you are young, do you ever completely attain balance.  I mean where you are completely healthy?  If so, not for long and you wake up one day and say, Ouch, where did that come from!  We are always and constantly adjusting, tweaking, solving problems and challenges, and working on keeping a great attitude during the process.  It is a constant struggle to keep things close to in balance.  That does not mean that you should not try to keep things toward the center and going forward in your life.

There is another type of balance that bears a closer watch as well.  I’m talking about the balance or imbalance really, that comes from taking care of others.  Moms are so great at this, but then at times, they find themselves coming apart personally.  When we make sure that everyone has everything they want and that constancy is overwhelming to us, then we need to stop and take inventory of ourselves.  Do you spend time on others to the point that you neglect yourself?  Eventually, you won’t have anything more to give because you’ve exhausted your energy.  Take time to stop and give yourself some time.  We have to say no to some things and just let people know that we have another appointment and cannot do that right now.

They don’t have to know that the appointment is with yourself.  Literally, put it on your calendar and say this is my time and I get to relax, think, have a cup of tea and reaffirm that I am who I am.  When you are refreshed and rejuvenated, you can step back into service to others.  When you do this, you will find that the very thing that you said no to is already solved, doesn’t exist, or just isn’t important anymore.  That gives you a chance to reevaluate where you should spend your energy.

Here’s what I know:  If you work on balance in your life, you will be happier, you will live life to the fullest and feel an energy that comes from knowing that you’re moving through this energy field on earth and that you cannot embrace all that comes your way, but that you get to choose, and to choose yourself once in a while.

Yours for a Better Life,