Being Who You Are

If I said we have everything we need to be successful right where we are now, would you believe it?.  Believing that for yourself, even if you have your doubts, can only bring about the possibility that it is correct.  We know that each of us has unique gifts and abilities, but we don’t believe that they are something that others will want.  A rise in yourself, raise your spirits, and find that the very goal that you would like to achieve starts with some tiny step that is within your reach right now.

You may go to an event or a meeting that you would assume miss.  One that you believe is a waste of your time, but when you attend, you meet someone who helps you to make a connection to the very person who can help you get to the next level.  If we have unique gifts and abilities, then we also must believe that there is a plan for us to use them in our life.  Time is moving on; let’s get going on this.

So often compare ourselves to others thinking why they got that break or if I had their talent or money.  No, that is “level thinking.”  If we embrace level thinking, we’re adopting the same mentality around us and the very mindset that is holding us back.  Reach up a notch and pull in that someone that can lift you and take you higher.  Before that can happen, you need to make the first step.  It may be so small and seemingly insignificant, but it leads to the next level and the next step and eventually to the very link you are looking for in your life.

When we conform to those around us, we limit our possibilities, stunt our thinking, and begin to believe that maybe we don’t have anything to offer.  Then we pass on those gifts and abilities and miss our destiny.

As you put motion into those nudges, those little thoughts that say, you could do this or this, we begin to open up who we are.  Being Who You Are is disregarding the opinions, naysayers, those that say, “you can’t do that.”  As you follow your ideas and shape things as you see and feel them, you are Who You Are.  It is much like a composer writing a song.  They start with a small idea, a lyric, or a musical riff and then develop it as they hear it.  Trial and error, this works, but this doesn’t.  By following your ideas, you gain confidence that you are following your path toward your destiny.

Today, I want to encourage you to Be Who You Are by following the little steps you can take and doing them right now.  Please don’t put them off or delay them; move toward your freedom and express your ideas for others to enjoy.  Then you will come to be the person you can be.  I wish you well with this limitless thinking.

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Yours for a Better Life,